The roots of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International), (CSEPI) hereafter mentioned as the Council is embedded in the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI). The then President Dr. (Mrs.) Avabai Wadia a woman of great foresight and vision, agreed to a suggestion by Dr. Mahinder Watsa who was then a consultant for medical affairs FPAI to strengthen the sexual health services in the FPAI programmes and particularly to introduce programmes in human sexuality, sexual counseling for adolescents, youth, newly married and others in the community.

In 1974, sex was taboo and it was scandalous to talk about it so it was not an easy decision for the President to take and to convince her office bearers as some of whom felt that what was suggested was pornography. Mrs. Wadia after their approval forwarded a plan to introduce human sexuality in the programmes of FPAI to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). It was enthusiastically approved and even offered to send experts and also to finance a five day residential program at the Tata Management Center Pune, a first ever residential programme to be held in South Asia. Twenty five carefully selected persons including a senior member of the FPAI with the authority to approve or disapprove were chosen among them also were the future trustees of CSEP(I). It was very favorable report of the meet and started the first ethical human sexuality program in India in 1976. Over the years specialists from the IPPF, WHO and other International and National agencies visited and generated interest in sexual health.


Aim & Objectives

CSEPI is committed to provide Sex Education and develop a cadre of experts to Teach, Train and Provide Counseling, Sex therapy and Medical management for Sexual problems across Life Span.

CSEPI is for all healthcare professionals interested in strengthening aspects of Family life Spectrum and Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health.

CSEPI is a health services Organization dedicated to improve the Quality of Life.

CSEPI has organized National Conferences and Workshops all over India. CSEPI programmes cover the entire spectrum of Family Health Concerns including Child Rearing, Adolscents Problems, Sexual Problems, Family Planning, Marital Relationships and Sex Therapy. All CSEPI activities are undertaken in the context for moral questions faced by parents, Spouses and Children.

CSEPI – Runs free Telephonic helpline: DASH – +91 9223408126